U3A Lower North

University of the Third Age


U3A Lower North Inc., centred on South Australia's beautiful Clare Valley, was formed in 2004. Although it initially enjoyed the support of Clare campus of TAFESA, it was officially homeless until the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council came to the rescue in 2009 with a small office at the Domain Internet Cafe. Thanks to Council's ongoing support, we now lease a small office/storage space within the Clare Town Hall (229 Main Street, Clare) where we have access to two meeting rooms which are suitable spaces for a wide variety of activities. Office open by appointment only. U3A Lower North continues to use several other venues to maintain its varied programme.

U3A is a non-profit, self-help, adult-education movement run by volunteers. Its aim is to provide affordable education and leisure activities to over 50s no longer in full-time employment.

This age group has a great reservoir of skills, knowledge and experience. By sharing this knowledge free of charge, fees are kept to a minimum. Group leaders may be experts in their field or just committed to steering a group in the learning process. Generally courses are free but may attract a fee for materials or room hire. Courses are usually held during school term and length varies from one session or term to ongoing.

Our other priorities are fun and friendship. We provide learning in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. The name U3A comes from the University of the Third Age educational movement founded in France but we don't take ourselves too seriously. There is a great feeling of fellowship from people free from the restraints of employment and child-raising who want to have a good time and make the most of their new-found leisure. Learning mixed with a few laughs and new friends is a healthy combination.

Thank you to our supporters

U3A Lower North Inc. is a registered charity and we acknowledge the support of Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council and the politicians of all persuasions who are trying to re-establish state funding for U3A South Australia which directly benefits U3A Lower North.