U3A Lower North

University of the Third Age

Management Committee

Chairman, Newsletter, Webmaster. 
Joined committee mid-term 2006. Enjoys writing our quarterly newsletter and taught herself enough to design this website though 'webmaster' is a very tongue-in-cheek title. Delegate to U3A South Australia (the State network) and U3A Online, State secretary and State delegate to U3A Alliance Australia (the national network) and national editor. Mastered computing through teaching but continues to show remarkable lack of talent in French.

Vice Chair. Elected at 2017 AGM. Retired schoolteacher, former children’s author and current resident of Riverton, Kath has been a long-term member of the U3A French class. Her attendance is punctuated by frequent travel. A lover of books and music and self-described pedant.

Elected at 2010 AGM. Long-term Clare resident, Beth was also a familiar face in Burra due to her previous position at the Burra School. Member of French group. Compulsively cheerful and energetic. Since joining has proved herself to be an organiser extraordinaire. Took on this position at 2011 AGM.

Assistant Secretary, Publicity Officer.  
Joined committee in May 08 as committee person but has adopted other roles. Justin has proved invaluable at getting publicity for us in the Argus and makes the rest of us look slack by being incredibly prompt issuing minutes but only officially took on position of Ass. Sec. at 2015 AGM. From a background in media and the wine industry, Justin is now a Mintaro media baron and wine taster. Member of History group and Petanque.

 Appointed at 2013 AGM. Peter is an active and invaluable member of many local organisations including the Reisling Trail and the Clare Valley Business and Tourism Association. Member of U3A Bridge and French groups.

Course Co-ordinator. 
Elected at 2013 AGM to position of committee person. Quentin first joined U3A to teach computing and general technology both of which featured strongly in his working career. He took on his current position at 2015 AGM.

Committee person.  
Elected at 2017 AGM. A retired engineer, Ian is a newcomer to Clare. He arrived with a high regard for U3A as his late mother was a member of U3A Noarlunga. Ian attends History group and is bravely taking on French despite having little prior knowledge of the language.

Committee person. Elected at 2017 AGM. A retired electrical engineer, Peter is not currently a member of any groups but in the past has favoured those with an academic bent such as geology.